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Hi.  I’m Bree Somer.

Many of us go through tough times and experiences in our lives which leave us feeling confused, lost, betrayed, undermined, disregarded and vulnerable.

I believe we can survive these challenges and traumas to reclaim our sense of self and tranquillity.

Using focused therapeutic strategies, I help busy professionals regain control of their life and improve their sense of wellbeing via personal counselling or coaching.



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  • Negotiating and managing workplace conflict
  • Understanding and dealing with relationship problems
  • Coping with loss and adjusting to a new way of life
  • Managing the impacts of chronic illness and mental health
  • Enhancing your focus and communication skills
  • Developing social connections and improving relationships
  • Extending your problem-solving skills and ability
  • Achieving your personal and professional goals
  • Navigating all of life’s challenges.



You receive individually tailored sessions to help you manage change, overcome challenges, towards well-being.


All sessions are conducted online or by phone – can be made to suit your schedule – and are confidential and secure.


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My areas of expertise



Choose confidential services delivered by a mature professional with life experience, backed by industry registration, ongoing training and development, and regular monitoring via professional supervision.


The only sensible choice for your valuable investment – YOU.


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Degree Qualified

With a degree in Social Work, and over a decade of experience in public service, community, and health sectors, I provide a professional service you can trust.

Registered Professional

I am a registered member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and adhere to professional ethics and practice standards.

Flexible Scheduling

I understand life gets busy, so I offer a range of flexible session times to accommodate. If you can’t see a time that suits – get in touch and we’ll make one!

I would LOVE to support you through change
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Online or Phone

All sessions are conducted online using video conferencing or by phone – choose what best suits you.

Your Sessions

The purpose of your sessions is to improve clarity, confidence, communication, and connections.

Get Results

Our partnership will see you achieving enhanced capability, productivity, and well-being.

My Story

My passion and curiosity for understanding people has lead me on a unique journey of personal growth, and has kept
me chasing ever-more knowledge and experience to support my aspiration of assisting others to flourish.

I have overcome many challenges in my own life, and successfully navigated substantial change.  These experiences have allowed me to better comprehend and apply my studies, and have provided a foundation upon which I continue to build my knowledge and appreciation of the human condition.

Alongside my personal experiences, I spent many years working across a range of community, health, and public service settings.  In 2007 I successfully completed a Social Work degree, and have since continued to participate in wide-ranging professional development.  All helping me to appreciate life is full of challenges and change – chosen or not.

My work and education has taken me across a variety of sectors including employment and training, social welfare, business administration, community and mental health, policy and management.  This broad exposure has afforded me the capacity to deal with a wide range of issues, and taught me many important lessons which inform my work.

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  • All sessions conducted ONLINE or BY PHONE
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Bree Somer

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