About me

My Story


My passion is understanding what shapes and drives us; and using this understanding to support others to flourish.


My passion and curiosity for understanding people has lead me on a unique journey of personal growth, and has kept me chasing ever-more knowledge and experience to support my aspiration of assisting others to flourish.

I have overcome many challenges in my own life, and successfully navigated substantial change.  These experiences have allowed me to better comprehend and apply my studies, and have provided a foundation upon which I continue to build my knowledge and appreciation of the human condition.

Alongside my personal experiences, I spent many years working across a range of community, health, and public service settings.  In 2007 I successfully completed a Social Work degree with Honours and have since continued to participate in wide-ranging professional development.  All helping me to appreciate life is full of challenges and change – chosen or not.

My work and education has taken me across a variety of sectors including employment and training, social welfare, business administration, community and mental health, policy and management.  This broad exposure has afforded me the capacity to deal with a wide range of issues, and taught me many important lessons which inform my work, such as:

  • If you are prepared to invest time and resources you can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and be rewarded with successful, sustainable results.
  • Clear communication is the cornerstone of effective relationships.  It is as critical for productivity and achievement, as it is for our well-being and flourishing.
  • Never shy away from confronting or challenging emotions or behaviours – push through fear and embrace discomfort, for it is here magic happens.
  • If you take the time to truly listen and acknowledge another, you can reduce emotional stress and facilitate constructive progress towards action and change.
  • By participating with genuine interest and empathy you can come to understand driving forces, allowing you to respond more effectively, and attain increasingly productive and harmonious relationships.


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

– Socrates.

Degree qualified, industry registered Social Worker

I know it can be tough navigating life’s challenges.  Having sat on both sides of the coaching and therapy couch, I appreciate what it is to be ‘the client’.  I understand how nerve-wracking this process can be, but also how truly helpful it can be – both through my own experience, and by observing the growth and success of my clients.

This personal insight strengthens my awareness and approach to my work.  It means you are supported by someone who genuinely understands the process.  I know how valuable it is to have a little extra support and a fresh perspective from someone outside of your situation – an independent with an unbiased view.

To ensure I keep growing, learning, and challenging myself, I continue to invest in my own personal and professional growth by engaging in professional development and supervision.  It is through these processes I have discovered new perspectives, developed self-confidence, and uncovered strength I never knew I had.  I’ve learned self-compassion, and have grown to recognise my own courage and abilities.

Some of My Qualifications and Training

  • 4 year Degree – Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) which included:
    • 980 hours of supervised practice
    • Cognitive & Biological Psychology
    • Sociology of Work & Health
    • Individual & Social Psychology
    • Group Facilitation, Training & Development
    • Organisational Psychologydegree qualified, industry registered Social Worker
    • Health Policy & Planning
    • Ethics & Professional Practice
    • Evaluation, Effectiveness, & Outcomes
    • Counselling Individuals & Families
    • Developing Practice & Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate of Information Management
  • Using measures in clinical practice
  • Anti-Discrimination training
  • ASIST Suicide Intervention training
  • Crisis Intervention & Trauma Recovery
  • Understanding Personality Disorders
  • Supportive Counselling in Mental Health
  • Management Skills including:
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Managing Performance
    • Recognition & Development
    • OHS for Supervisors


My experience has helped me to value lifelong learning, and to respect life can be all to short – because of this, I strive to find purpose and gratitude in every day.

My Practice Approach

I believe in and maintain the practice values championed by the Australian Association of Social Workers:

  • Respect for persons
  • Professional integrity
  • Social justice

My practice is integrative which means I draw from a range of therapeutic modalities in response to your individual needs.  I employ an evidence-based, outcome-informed approach; and my processes can include cognitive, behavioural, solution-focused, and interpersonal therapies, as well as coaching and educative models.  My work is grounded in client-centred and strengths-based perspectives.

What this means is YOU are the driver – sessions focus on what you need them to focus on, and I seek to draw on and extend your abilities so you can achieve meaningful, workable and enduring results.

Following your guidance, I individually tailor your sessions to utilise the approach or combination of approaches that works best for you.  I use evidence based clinical measures before and after your sessions to ensure I concentrate on your current issues, and to make sure our work together is proving effective for you. These are very quick and easy-to-use rating scales you complete online at the time of your session.  [See here if you’d like to know more about these tools.]

I provide you with the support, challenge, and guidance you need to be your best self.  As your collaborative partner, I supply a safe, caring, and supportive environment – empowering you to successfully navigate change and achieve your goals.

I consider it an honour to be working alongside and supporting people to achieve their individual best.  And I would be privileged if you would allow me to support you through your transition, to achieve your goals, and be part of your journey to personal and professional growth.

If you’re looking to improve your confidence, clarity, communication, or connections – I am here to guide you confidently through the transition.

What Does All This Mean For You

It means, I am able to provide substantial value to you.

It means, if you work with me you get:

  • Services provided by a mature, degree qualified, registered professional with real life experience and ongoing professional monitoring – assuring you of quality, skilled, and genuine assistance;
  • Strong ethics and values with a focus on integrity – if I am not the right fit, or am unable to provide you with what you need, I WILL say so and will do my best to help you to find someone who can – I will NEVER sell you a service I believe is not right for you;
  • Absolutely NO FLUFF – no ‘quick-fix’ sales, no gimmicks telling you what you want to hear – I will always tell it like I see it, 100% HONESTY so you can always trust you are receiving reliable support;
  • Accessible and confidential sessions provided online or by phone at times to suit your busy schedule – no more spending your valuable time trekking miles to attend a clinic that only operates inside standard business hours, potentially being seen coming or going, or sitting in a waiting room feeling vulnerable and exposed;
  • Individually tailored services focusing on YOU, ensuring your needs are met.  And no GP referrals necessary.


A sensible choice for your valuable investment – YOU.


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