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Are you struggling with conflict?


Are you experiencing a difficult situation and need to challenge someone?


Try a gentle approach when opening the conversation.


Whether you are struggling with conflict or needing to challenge someone, approaching the situation with care, empathy and thoughtfulness can go a long way towards achieving an effective outcome.


Try these tips to help get you started


TIP 1:  Actively listen.  Demonstrate you have heard and understood the other persons point of view by paraphrasing their message.

TIP 2:  Be empathetic.  Try to imagine yourself in their position.  See the situation through their eyes and let them know you can see their point of view.

TIP 3:  Try saying, “I hear you and I understand.”  Paraphrase their message to show you understand with empathy.  Then ask … “Have you heard and understood me?”



Want more tips to handle a challenging conversation?


Try these:

  • State the issue upfront
  • Stick to the facts
  • Give examples where possible
  • Explain how the issue impacts you
  • Focus on the issue not the person: avoid personal attacks
  • Listen to the other person and really consider their point of view
  • Keep an open mind
  • Consider alternate solutions
  • Be prepared for emotions
  • Manage your emotions: remain calm to focus objectively on the issue
  • Can’t manage emotions? Take a time out and try again later
  • Seek support if needed and suggest the same for the other person



While you need to try and manage your emotions at the time to facilitate an objective and effective conversation, everyone’s emotional reactions are valid and need to be tended to at some point.

Walk, run, hit a pillow, cry, journal, or talk it out as soon as you can for some healthy emotional release.


☺ Be well, Bree.



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