Employee Support

Do you have staff who need support?

Business success is built upon many things, but without doubt one of your key foundations is your people.  My career coaching and online counselling sessions can help to support and develop your staff, addressing issues impeding effectiveness and impacting business performance.

Supporting your staff to perform at their best, embrace challenges, develop resilience, and feel valued, gives you and your business the perfect platform to perform at optimal levels and achieve business goals.

You need to stay focused on strategic direction, business operations, achieving targets, and most importantly – keeping your customers happy.

So let me help you to keep your staff happy and performing at their best through:

  • career coaching to help navigate change, augment communication and interpersonal skills, capacity development, improve confidence, and boost performance;
  • individual counselling to help staff manage organisational change, develop resilience, address personal issues affecting performance, improve communication skills, and progress professional development.

It is widely recognised staff who feel competent, autonomous, supported and valued, have improved drive and performance meaning better outcomes for you and your business.

Investing in the support and development of your staff is a smart business choice.

Common workplace issues

Many things cause disruption to outputs and put your business performance at risk, such as:

  • disengaged staff,
  • underdeveloped or incomplete staff skill-sets,
  • restructuring,
  • change in leadership or business direction,
  • poor or ineffective communication and interpersonal skills, and
  • staff personal issues to name a few.

These issues can be managed to help minimise disruptive impact by providing your staff with the support they need.  I CAN HELP!

How my services can help your business

My employee assistance services consist of coaching or individual counselling sessions for staff, provided online or by phone, after hours to suit both business and individual requirements.  Sessions can focus on:

  • personal and career development,
  • managing change,
  • performance coaching,
  • capacity development,
  • enhancing interpersonal skills,
  • communication coaching,
  • career transition support,
  • emotional support and building resilience.

My approach

As a degree qualified, industry registered, and experienced professional I provide customised solutions for your business needs. I employ a variety of approaches and activities with staff to achieve desired results.

Some examples of the support I offer include:

  • skills development in problem-solving, communication and leadership,
  • coaching for self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset,
  • activities to increase self-esteem and self-confidence,
  • broadening insight and perspective to enhance pathway identification and planning,
  • augmenting personal responsibility and holding staff accountable,
  • therapeutic work to address personal issues impacting performance and progression,
  • motivational interviewing to foster positive change and take action towards goals.

Sessions with me

Employee assistance sessions are provided through online video conferencing, or by phone.  After hours session times are flexible so they can be scheduled around work and family requirements.

Sessions can be invoiced directly and paid via the security of PayPal or Direct Deposit.  Discounts are offered for multiple-session bookings.

Allow me to help you support your staff to perform their best so your business achieves the outcomes you desire.

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