I’ve heard from many clients over the years about how their confidence has reached an all-time low and they’ve struggled to know how to get back on track.  So let’s chat on the topic of confidence.

What is confidence?

Confidence is about believing in yourself.  It’s about having a realistic expectation of your abilities and accepting the reality that you are not perfect – nor expecting yourself to be.  If you feel confident you are able to take on a challenge, accept calculated risks, and you are able to treat mistakes and failures as learning experiences – not a reflection of your personal worth.

Self-esteem plays a role in confidence

Confidence also comes from having a healthy self-esteem.  A healthy self-esteem means having a positive opinion of yourself and feeling like a worthy human being despite what others think of you, and despite life’s ever-changing circumstances.  With an assured self-esteem you do not seek the approval of others to feel good about yourself.

How confidence and self-esteem is developed

It is our experiences, our personality, as well as external influences that work together to shape our confidence and self-esteem. But sadly, we don’t always have positive experiences or influences in our lives.  And our negative experiences tend to stay stuck in our subconscious working their dark magic to sabotage our confidence and lead us into ‘crises of confidence’.

5 steps to rebuild your confidence

I put together a short eBook where I talk a little more about some of the things underlying a ‘crisis of confidence’, how your experiences can shape your negative and false beliefs, and steps you can take to rebuild your confidence.  It comes with a FREE step-by-step printable you can stick by your mirror or on your desk as a reminder when life starts getting in the way and distracting you again.  Cos you know it will!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside:

A crisis of confidence can cause you an enormous amount of anxiety and insecurity. It cripples your ability to communicate effectively, speak up for yourself, perform your best, connect fully with others, and most of all – to provide yourself with the love and respect you deserve.
Life is continuously hurling challenges at you. Some of which can completely unhinge everything you thought you knew. And sometimes these experiences leave you believing things about yourself that simply are not true.


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