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Dianne Tucker

I have known Bree as a professional for over 13 years. I am working as a Dianne Tucker circlepsychologist, and as a colleague in the field I would not hesitate to recommend Bree to anyone who might be looking for a highly experienced and qualified professional to support them with personal or career goals. Bree is an extremely versatile and knowledgeable person who is passionate about her work, and who always strives to provide high quality services and effective interventions. She has a warm, friendly and genuinely compassionate approach in all of her interactions with people, which enables everyone she meets to feel comfortable and relaxed in talking with her. Bree is also very positive and “strength-focused” which helps her clients to find a way to discover the best approach to promote the constructive change they are seeking. I highly recommend Bree as an experienced professional who can offer a quality service within a warm and supportive environment.


(name withheld to maintain confidentiality)

Bree has a heart of gold, is caring and empathetic. She very quickly puts the whole process at ease and made me feel comfortable at every session. I’ve gained insight and perspective and I feel equipped to tackle day-to-day issues. Highly recommend Bree.

Maureen Sullivan finalMaureen Sullivan

Bree brings her unique combination of practical experience, intellectual knowledge and genuine warmth and caring for her clients to any engagement. She is enthusiastic, responsive, thoughtful and outcomes focused. She is very approachable and has high standards of personal integrity and client service. A creative thinker and a quality researcher, Bree is committed to delivering the best service possible.


Bree is a person of great integrity, warmth and creativity who is always supportive and willing to listen. I am constantly impressed by her wonderful communication skills and ability to empathise with others. Bree is a kind, interested and caring person who is genuinely reflective and compassionate in her dealings with others.

Bree is always professional in her behaviour and relationships, and she is passionate about facilitating self-determination, fulfilment, and well-being. Bree is dedicated to supporting others flourish through difficult times. She is always prepared to shoulder a challenge, and will work to make the best of any situation.

Stella Penola finalStella Penola

I have known Bree for many years both personally, and as a professional colleague, and know her to always conduct herself with professionalism, respect, and integrity. Bree has a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge, experience, and skill; as well as the ability to utilise her great communication skills, which serve her well in supporting any client. Bree also has a warm compassionate approach that enables her to approach each person with the care they require. I have no hesitation in recommending Bree to anyone considering her assistance.

Julie Shanks finalJulie Shanks

Bree is wonderful to work with! Her communication skills are exceptional and one of her many strengths. She’s honest, hard working, a team player and she wants to make a difference! I’d engage Bree anytime.



Bree was a great resource to me as a Manager. I was able to run ideas past Bree and she always gave me sound, reasonable advice. She was very aware of the strengths of staff and was very supportive of them. Bree was also really aware of the little things that make a team work – like having fun- making her a great leader.

Josephine Marsh

Josephine Marsh.tiffBree is the most compassionate, caring, and empathetic person I know. She has the ability to get to the heart of a problem even if you don’t want to go there yourself. Bree will work with you to find the most appropriate course of action for you and see it through to a successful conclusion. I would encourage anyone to work with Bree and give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

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